About us

Kreativ Wedding & Maru Films

Both speakers are known for their way creating engaging wedding film stories. But have differentiating approaches to their business from a marketing and financial approach. They will be covering different topics about the business.

Kreativ Wedding

An off the chart talented photography and filmmaking duo Anne and Riccardo. The art flows in the veins of the both of them. With an incredible approach to social media marketing and killer photo’s and film this duo is a true inspiration.

Riccardo Fasoli

Teddy bear, Naturally gifted, Bounteous
He used to be known as the glasses sales guys, but is now better known as ‘the master artist’, creating visually breathtaking films full of emotions that touches the hearts from any one. He has found his passion and loves to share his approach.

Maru Films

Known for their films full of emotions and with a deep understanding of story and pushing the boundaries of creativity every time. Learnings from their previous business allow for a profound business approach.

Remi Schouten

Stubborn, Crazy, Talker, Drive to do things different.
With a background in the creative industry and having owned his own creative agency in Amsterdam. He has profound knowledge of how to build and market a brand as well as a very creative approach to everything he creates.

Portfolio pieces

Merve and Nils

By Kreativ Wedding
An elopement shot in the highlands of Scotland, in the pouring rain. It wasn't the easiest of edits to get done, there was actually quite some disappoint after shooting the elopement. But through hardwork and struggle this became a masterpiece.

Lene and Russ

By Maru Films
A wedding in Stavanger Norway, where Lene originates from. Their story is one of hardship and perseverance. But being able to finally get together and live their lives as one results in ultimate happiness. Although surely not everything went as planned, it still allowed Maru Films to build a fitting story.