Osmosis Vows Music Pack

The music to make your wedding films even stronger.

The ultimate music pack for your vows

This music pack is created to give more depth and emotions to your productions with endless flexibility. This high quality Music Pack is carefully developed for creators that demand the most from their films and to create the biggest impact. The pack consists of 5 originally crafted songs and available in 3-5 stems (layers) per song. You are in control.

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Vows pack trailer

How it works


Select the song

Select one (or more) songs you want to add to your film to give it more depth.


Add the stems/layers

Add the complete orginal songs or add the different stems/layers to your timeline.



You are in control when which stem starts (angel voice, piano, harp etc.) This way you control when you need the most power or want to keep it small.

Listen to the songs

A future for two

Emotional & Gentle


Emotional & Dramatic

Roses and Wine

Tender & Vulnerable

The last dance

Upbeat & Precious

Entering the church

Touching & Grand


Riccardo Fasoli explains how to use the Vows Pack inside your editor and how to customise it.

Examples in action

Roses & Wines

Roses & Wines in action in this example created by Riccardo Fasoli


See Sunrays in action in this example created by Maru Films

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Osmosis Vows Music Pack

The ultimate customisable background music to give more impact to your vows.

  • 5 Original Songs
  • Each song comes with 3-5 stems
  • Customize the songs with the stems
  • License to use this in your productions unlimited times
  • Allowed to monetize on Youtube
  • Compatible with all editing software
  • Download your files instantly
  • Includes our Standard License


What software is this pack compatible with

The files are being delivered in .mp3 and .wav format. They can be used in practically any (NLE) editing program such as:

  • Final Cut Pro X
  • Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Davinci Resolve
  • Avid
  • Vegas Pro
  • etc.

Which quality will the audio files be delivered in

The files will be delivered as an online download in a zip file. The zip contains all 5 songs as an original and each in separate stems, this varies between the song from 3 to 5 stems. The files will be delivered in both .mp3 and .wav files.

What does the license cover

  • Client, weddings, corporate, and personal projects
  • All forms of advertising
  • Monetized YouTube videos
  • Websites and social media (YouTube, Facebook, etc.)


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